Carrds are apparently popular so here we are.
For actual knowledge about me and the Skyrose Garden, please see our personal website.

  • Name's Pale. Also answer to Luteia.

  • Adult, Irish-Canadian, he/him or fae/faer, happily betrothed, queer, motorcyclist, university student, PST / GMT -8:00.

  • Current fandoms: Saint Seiya (primarily TLC), RuneScape, Madoka Magica, and October Daye.

  • Past / casual fandoms: Deep-Sea Prisoner / Mogeko, Pokemon, Neopets, World of Eyre / Elnin, Vocaloid, Hermitcraft.

Discourse Stances

This functions as a DNI if any of these are dealbreakers. I'm not gonna go over the obvious ones (like neonazis). These are mostly semi-controversial in the spaces I inhabit and others not knowing have caused issues in the past, so might as well be upfront.

  • Proship.

  • Anti-kinnie / kin-for-fun.

  • Pro-endogenic systems.

  • Pro-queer inclusivity.

  • Fudanshi.

  • I am fictionkind. Deal with it.

  • Also a furry. Deal with that too.

  • Neopagan.

  • Not interested in talking to teenagers. Not a hard 18+ restriction, but if you can't convince me you're 25 by your maturity, being friends with me isn't going to work out.

  • Also, if you're active in the Evillious Chronicles fandom, pretty please stay the hell away from me. No hard feelings, but a hard boundary nonetheless.